Jessica has been on the Mystical Path from a very early age. Always drawn to the mystical and metaphysical.  Naturally intuitive and empathetic she is always seeking to expand her consciousness to understanding life from an expanded level of awareness. Her own spiritual awakening happened in 2014, with a profound Kundalini awakening and since that time she has been committed to her spiritual growth and sharing her wisdom and experience with others. She has studied with  “Integrative Energy Medicine School” for several years where she received her Reiki Certifications as well as Dream Therapy, Medical Intuitive, Shamanism studies, and Elemental Healing. She has studied Crystal Healing and Etheric Healing with Universal Life Tools. She is certified by the Chopra Center to teach Primordial Sound Meditation. She is also a certified 13 octave LaHoChi Energy healing practitioner. Her self study is a daily practice, and her library is expansive. She is a seeker, a student and a teacher.

Jessica’s mission and purpose for creating The Mystical Path is to connect women in her community and beyond with high vibrational work such as Sound Healing, Energy Healing and Meditation. Learning to move from the frequency of fear to the frequency of love, with the intention to heal and create daily practices to raise our vibration and expand our consciousness. This frequency evolves into the “New Earth” and “Utopia” of the Age of Aquarius that exists within us. From this higher vibration we manifest our intentions quickly and we see our outer world transform as a result.